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Supportive Behavioral Family Counseling


Not content with your current life situation? Do you want a change? Are you looking forward to “A New Day?"

Make a change in your life with behavioral counseling from A New Day- FBHS, LLC™. Based in Easton, Pennsylvania, we offer counseling for people experiencing a variety of life crises, including addiction or family issues. Serving clients including children 6 to 10 years old, preteens, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. We also offer dedicated family counseling to help mend relations and improve communication.

Counseling Methods

Employing methods based on a variety of theoretical approaches, we treat each person with whatever method will serve their needs best. These approaches include Nutured Heart Approach (NHA) ®, cognitive -behavioral, Integrative, family systems, psycho-educational and psychodynamic approach to treatment.

Contact us to learn more about behavioral counseling, or to find out more about our family counseling options.